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The Dashboard is where you can review streaming performance, subscription metrics, revenue, and payment history. Reports can be exported to a comma separated value (CSV) file format for use in popular spreadsheet applications.

Note: Streaming reports and estimated revenue details will be available on your Dashboard within five days for all marketplaces.

Performance metrics

You can track minutes and unique streams for one or all of your titles. Unique streams is the total count of unique streaming sessions. It’s the same as the total count of customer Play button clicks. For example, if a customer starts watching a title in a web browser, switches to a mobile device, and then continues on Fire TV it’s counted as three unique streams.

  • In Dashboard, under Performance Metrics, select Minutes streamed (and monetization type) or Unique streams (and monetization type), a time period, and one or all of your titles.

Subscription metrics

Review your subscription metrics, including free trial starts, paid conversions, cancellations, and total subscriber count.

  • In Dashboard, under Subscription Metrics, select the time period.


  • Trial Starts   Count of customers starting a trial subscription
  • Cancellations   Count of customers that cancelled a subscription
  • Paid Conversions   Count of customers that switched from a trial to paid subscription


  • Active trial   Count of customers in a trial subscription
  • Active paid   Count of customers paying for the subscription


Get a snapshot of your estimated royalty in the Earnings section.

  • In Dashboard, under Earnings, select the time period.

Your earnings appear by availability type and marketplace.

You might notice a difference between the streaming minutes shown in the Performance Metrics section of your Dashboard and the streaming duration shown in the Earnings section. Differences between these two figures might be caused by the following reasons:

  1. When customers watch your video offline (for example, by downloading it to a Kindle Fire device), that device will not report the streaming activity until it reconnects to the Internet.

    In the Performance Metrics section, this streaming activity will be attributed to the same day the customer streamed your video.

    In the Earnings section, this streaming activity is accounted for in the month in which it is actually reported by the device. This ensures we pay you for all streaming activity, even if the streaming activity is reported after the month in which it occurred has ended.

  2. You might have reached a payment cap under your Digital License Agreement with Amazon. These caps are reflected in the Earnings section of your Dashboard. Please refer to the Digital License Agreement for details.


The Payments section shows payments per sales period and marketplace. In addition to payment issued, you can also see tax withholding, adjustments, net earnings, and foreign exchange (FX) rates. The FX rate listed is for when your payment was processed.

  • In Dashboard, under Payments, select the time period and marketplace.

Export data

Data is available for export to a comma separated value (.csv) file. Most spreadsheet and database programs can import a .csv file.

  1. In Dashboard, under one of the report sections, select the options to include in the report.
  2. Click Export to CSV.

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