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Art requirements

  • For additional details and examples of key art, see the Graphic Assets Guide.
  • Don't use borders or padding and don't stretch or narrow images.
  • Key Art must display the title name verbatim to what is listed in the Title Name on the Catalog Listing tab.

Quality requirements

Adhere to the following key art requirements. Artwork will be rejected if this policy isn't met.

  • Weapons
    We avoid using violence in Amazon promotions. The appearance of guns and other weapons isn't acceptable. If an alternate image isn’t available, use discretion. Additionally, avoid key art in which a weapon is pointing at the viewer or other figures within the image.
  • Violence
    If availability of non-gruesome imagery is limited, choose assets with as little gore as possible.
  • Sex & Drugs
    Avoid images that depict drug usage, alcohol, nudity, or are sexually explicit.
  • Padded Images
    Avoid using borders or multiple images (particularly stills resulting in odd empty spaces). Avoid using letterboxing or pillar-boxing to fit images to spec, and don't place one key art asset into the frame of another key art asset.
  • Stretched or Narrowed Images
    Don't stretch/skew/distort art to create another asset. New images must be created for each piece of key art 16:9, 4:3, 3:4, and so on.
  • Title Name Displayed on Key Art
    Key Art must display the title name verbatim to what is listed in the Title Name field on your Catalog Listing tab. The title should also be legible even when scaling to smaller sizes and there should be enough contrast to separate the title from the background.

Examples of padded stretched or narrowed images

The following are examples of what you shouldn't do to images:




Technical requirements

  • Key art
    The image used to represent your title in search results, and title detail pages. On many devices where Prime Video is available, we display cover art for standalone content (movies, featurettes, etc.) in a 3:4 aspect ratio; we display cover art for serialized content (TV shows, web series, etc.) in a 4:3 aspect ratio. We also require title artwork in 16:9 aspect ratio for both standalone and serialized images which is used by some devices like Fire TV.
  • Background images
    These appear on device detail screens. These images convey the mood of your content. Submit .jpg or .png file format images at 1920x1080 resolution.

The following table provides the requirements for key art and background images:

Episodic titles

Standalone titles

Key art 16:9
.jpg or .png

Key art 16:9
.jpg or .png

Key art 4:3
.jpg or .png

Key art 3:4
.jpg or .png

Optional background image
.jpg or .png

Optional background image
.jpg or .png

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