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Tax information

Before selling videos and receiving payments, tax information must be provided to comply with U.S. tax regulations. In your account, a secure tax questionnaire enables you to submit required tax information.

Change tax information

To enter tax information, do the following:

  1. In Your Account, click Tax Information, and then click Complete Tax Information.
  2. Follow the instructions on your screen.

For more information, please see Tax Information FAQs.

You can check the status of your tax information submission by returning to the Tax Information page. Tax statuses are explained in the Tax Information FAQs under "What does my tax status mean?"

To make updates to your tax information, on the Tax Information page, click View/Update Tax Information.

For more information on taxes, including how to access year-end tax forms and how to complete the tax interview, go to our Tax Talk webinar help page. This presentation by KDP University in conjunction with CreateSpace and Prime Video Direct gives information on what digital content providers should know about taxes.

Change tax form delivery method

Each year, we provide tax forms for royalty payments made during the previous calendar year. By default, we mail these forms to you and also make them available for download.

When you first complete the tax interview, you choose whether to opt out of mail delivery. After your tax information is submitted, you can change the delivery option by returning to Tax Information.

To change your tax form delivery method, do the following:

  1. In Your Account, click Tax Information, and then click View/Provide Tax Information.
  2. In the Go paperless for year-end tax forms section, select Go paperless or I prefer paper delivery.
  3. Click Save Preference.

For more information on when tax forms are provided, please see When and how will I receive my annual tax forms? in Tax Information FAQs.

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