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Earnings report

  • Streaming reports and estimated revenue details usually appear on your dashboard within five days for Buy/Rent titles and 15 days within the close of the month for Included with Prime titles.
  • Your Earnings Report displays Duration Streamed in hours.

Get a snapshot of your estimated royalty in the Earnings section.

  • In Dashboard, under Earnings, select the time period.

Your earnings appear by availability type and marketplace.

You might notice a difference between the streaming minutes shown in the Performance Metrics section of your Dashboard and the streaming duration shown in the Earnings section. Differences between these two figures might be caused by the following reasons:

  1. When customers watch your video offline (for example, by downloading it to a Kindle Fire device), that device will not report the streaming activity until it reconnects to the Internet.

    In the Performance Metrics section, this streaming activity will be attributed to the same day the customer streamed your video.

    In the Earnings section, this streaming activity is accounted for in the month in which it is actually reported by the device. This ensures we pay you for all streaming activity, even if the streaming activity is reported after the month in which it occurred has ended.

  2. You might have reached a payment cap under your Digital License Agreement with Amazon. These caps are reflected in the Earnings section of your Dashboard. Please refer to the Digital License Agreement for details.

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