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The Dashboard is where you review streaming performance, earnings, and payment history. Reports are available for up to 24 months, and can be exported to a comma separated value (CSV) file format for use in popular spreadsheet applications.

Note: Streaming reports typically update on your Dashboard within five days for all marketplaces. Estimated revenue details will be available in your Dashboard within five days for Buy/Rent titles and 15 days within the close of a month for Included with Prime titles.

Performance Metrics Report

Track minutes and unique streams for one or all of your titles.

Earnings Report

View a breakdown of royalties per territory and offer type. This report can be exported at the monthly level and displays duration streamed in hours.

Payments Report

View payments per sales period and marketplace. We issue payments approximately 90 days after the end of the month in which the revenue event occurred.

Engagement Metrics Ranking

The Customer Engagement Ranking (CER) for each title in your Included with Prime (SVOD) catalog is displayed in your downloadable earnings report in your Dashboard.

Exporting reports

Payment is based on earnings, and earnings are based on Performance Metrics. It's often helpful to take a "bottoms-up" approach when viewing or analyzing reports.

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